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Details On Course

I have grouped together various topics into 'themes' that seem to go well together. Students are assessed regularly with traditional end of topic tests and practice investigative assignments.

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Chris Doner's Youtube Page - I link to some of these videos
The Open Door Website - I may have borrowed the occasional image here and there
The Physics Classroom - Great resource, again borrowed some images and possibly text
Mitch Campbell's Youtube Page - Great videos, linked to a few
Glasgow Physics - Great videos, linked to a few
Timothy Lund's Wiki - Several of the resources originate from this amazing wiki, please keep producing these resources, answer keys are available to my students but are not freely available
Simon Porter's Wiki - Several of the resources are adapted from here.
Vernier Website - I use Vernier data logging and other practical equipment extensively, some of the resources from the Vernier Books of resources are used... please purchase
PhysClips From University of New South Wales, AUS - These are great tutorials
Nuffield Physics - Great practical resources, Nuffield Physics teachers from the UK have some amazing practical knowledge that needs to be kept alive.
Advancing Physics - Great A-level syllabus from IOP, similar vein to Nuffield Physics - I taught this in the UK
Salters Horners Advanced Physics - Still using the ideas from this course - I taught this in the UK
HyperPhysics - Great for revision
Mike Dickinson IB Physics guru - I have used some of the practical suggestions direct from this book
YCIS HK Science Department - excellent resources developed by experienced IB/physics teachers
Discovery College Science Department
Virginia Player - Member of Discovery College Science Department, MYP Science and DP Physics teacher, many of the google slides on this document are based on content that she added to from Simon Porter (see above), this content has been substantially adapted.
Brian McCann - Member of Discovery College Science Department and DP Coordinator, experienced DP Physics teacher
Assorted IB Workshop Leaders and Attendees who have shared resources, I may have used some documents that you have shared, please email me if you spot one that I have not given credit.
Various DP Physics teachers across Hong Kong
Boardworks - I use these in class, many apologies if they are accessible on the site as these are copyrighted materials (please check out their website and purchase).
Physics Factsheets from Curriculum Press - I use these in class, again - paid for so please check out their website and purchase, these are only available to students who have the license.
Chris Hamper - Inthinking website and IB textbook author
Don Evans - For some amazing animations, Most animations published on Teacher Resource Exchange in the UK.
David M Harrison - Great animations
PHET - mindblowing animations, linked to a lot in resources
Vsauce - Links to these videos
Veritaseum - Links to these videos
Minutephysics - Links to these videos

Rutgers PAER Group - Starting to use these resources
Falstad - Great animations for Maths and Physics that seem to have been available since the dawn of the internet
Hyperphysics - Great resource to extend your learning
Walter Fendt Animations - great animations in multiple languagesHTML5 Animations appear to be in development - 

Dan Russell Animations for Waves - great animations used in ppts

Various BBC Documentaries and Television Shows
Clips From The Simpsons, Futurama

Giancoli (6th Edition) and Powerpoints
Homer, Bowen-Jones
Steve Udy
Paul Hewitt
Teaching Advanced Physics - TAP

Many Many more....